your first move

Tenants, your first move could be the ultimate one.

  • Move up to a seamless on-demand living experience
  • Explore new properties on a deep AI-infused level
  • Make your home, your own. We’re flexible
  • Waste less time on finding & renting what you want
  • Aim for a smooth process of moving in. It’s possible
  • See what our curated local service partners can do for you
  • Rely on hassle-free & transparent transactions
  • Soothe your mind with improved & regulated contracts
  • Keep an eye over your living expenses
  • Handle your financial data in a risk-free & secure way
  • No advertisers here. Your personal data is safe with us

your opening move

Landlords, this is your opening move. The rest will follow.

  • Empower the future of living experiences.
  • Know your tenant through a background screening.
Time & Money
  • Optimize your property portfolio.
  • Find trustworthy & competitive partnerships.
  • Keep your financial transactions secure. Always.
  • Your data is safe with us. No advertisers to sell it to.

Time to live a new housing experience.

Try Diffrent and shape the future of the rental industry together with us. A new living era is coming. You will thank yourself later.

Let’s work together for waking up and going to sleep with a smile on your face.


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