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Welcome to a new perspective on living your best life.

Make a move on
your life yourself
Move Up

We think finding a home should be a hassle-free & worry-less process. Most probably, we think alike.

That’s why we want to give you the chance to calibrate your life to what you want, not just what you need.

We will match you with amazing apartments from responsible landlords, taking care of all the hassle: deposits, guarantees, insurances, you name it. We offer excellent deals from day one and create peace of mind into your wallet.

Live By

We make things easier within your home, whatever living experience you choose.

That’s why we partnered with local service & administrative providers for the furniture you want, cleaning your home, grocery shopping and the occasional issues we all experience.


This is your chance to experience a transparent journey that will move you seamless through life. Your first move is on us.


We’re here to listen to what you have to say on how you want to live. To make room for your life. This will make us your partner of choice in living experiences.


Believing in people

We think people’s openness and their power of making things happen can shape a safe environment for interacting and living together as a true community.

Taking care of people and environment

We are taking our responsibilities serious by being transparent and honest, aware of a conscious way of living, without any hidden agendas.

Making room for more

We believe potential needs context, so we plant seeds for growth throughout all the aspects and challenges of your life journey – from personal to financial development.

Ease of mind
Making things simple

You have enough to deal with, so we’re here to help in everything from finding your new home to making sure you get some financial breathing space if you need to.

Time to live a new housing experience.

Try Diffrent and shape the future of the rental industry together with us. A new living era is coming. You will thank yourself later.

Let’s work together for waking up and going to sleep with a smile on your face.


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