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How do I find and get in touch with my landlord?

You can use our direct message system to leave messages to your landlord. And if it is urgent it will take you one touch to get in touch.

Do my credit mementos mean something?

Your mementos are our way to thank you for using Diffrent. It’s our currency and can be worth a lot more than simple dollars if you spend wisely. Every transaction you do, even as simple as paying your rent on time help you to collect mementos. You can use the mementos from anything to paying for some of the services we offer to even pay part of your rent. The more you use Diffrent, the more value for money you get!

How does the Diffrent credit scoring works?

You will build a financial profile that will help you lower your rent payments in the future, gain access to rent holiday periods and even help you later on to qualify for a mortgage.


How do I connect with my tenant?

Use the Different messaging system to leave a message or an urgent message if you need to speak to your tenant on short notice.

Where can I see the property’s insurance?

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How can I look over my property?

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